As a platform for the emerging artists, specimen 37, the degree show of govt. college of fine arts, thrissur
will showcase a broad spectrum of work by 37 students graduating from BFA painting, sculpture
and applied art. dealing with the minutiae of life as well as more fundamental issues,
these exhibits will include a broad spectrum such as painting,sculpture,
graphic design, digital media and installations, most of them engages with the materiality of
conceptual, technical and aesthetic concerns. several students this year are worked with a conscience,
infusing social and political messages into their works of art.

govt. college of fine arts, thrissur, kerala is all about the freedom to experiment, to think differently, to be an individual.
this ethos has created a greater sense of respecting boundaries between disciplines, and this has reflected
in the works to a great extent. students have explored their chosen medium in depth until they have found the
aspect of it that most suits them and then honed their skills.

specimen37 is intend to hand over a tradition from one generation of artists
to the next. For young artists, the much awaited degree show is an initiation, a right of
passage, a welcome to the art community, and also a reminder of how a little
idea can become a big vision.

20 - 24th april 2009 at college of fine arts thrissur, kerala.
gallery hour 10:00 am to 7:00 pm.


20th april 2009 (monday) 5:00pm
Imaguration : Shri Bose Krishnamachari
Catalogue releasing : Shri VijayaKumar Menon

21 st april 2009 (tuesday) 2:00 pm
slide presentation : Shri Reghunathan K

23 rd april 2009 (thursday) 2:00 pm
Slide presentation : Shri Rajan M Krishnan

24 th april 2009 ( friday) 11:00 am
Slide presentation : Shri TV Santhosh


Painting , Sculpture , Graphic design